Monday, January 19, 2004
Iconic jazzman John Coltrane recorded the masterpiece “Stellar Regions” five months before his death, but the album was not released until 28 years later.

The incongruity of things is what gets to you.

A girl from a Southern California school goes all the way to Connecticut as she escapes to college. She will stand out there, in the pastoral snow of Storrs, but it will be safer there than at home.

You read about Christ in the movies and political endorsements. The Drudge site tells you that the great underappreciated Jimmy Carter endorses one candidate, just as the frail and tilted pope in Vatican City endorses a movie starring that great figure of myth, Jesus Christ. The headlines of the Drudge site move always to the bigger sites, and people who work at places with names like Annenberg and Medill fret that one man – with clear allegiances – so capriciously drives the nation’s news cycles.

The endorsements, the site later reports, did not happen.

You don’t know what to think or believe, and you think of the incongruity of power vested in a few people dependent of the ignorance of millions. Millions of you, who don’t know.

You go back to work, kiss you loved ones and hope the planes don’t crash.

The governor of California still is a muscleman film star, though movie-star governors are not unprecedented in the great Golden State. The last movie-star governor went on to become The Real Great Communicator. The gipper Reagan of the trickle-down runoff economic policies. No question, the advertising machine says, that a majority of Americans were better off when Ronnie left D.C.

In California they say that the powers are going to repeal the provision that says you have to be born in the U.S. to become president of the nation, and that the movie-star muscleman governor will become president one day. Even though the real Texas power doesn’t really like him, as he married into the most storied Democratic family of all.

Camelot in smithereens, indeed.

These are not ad hominem attacks, you say. He is a muscleman movie star, and he is the governor. If disparate connotations attend these labels, it is not your doing.

The incongruity of people who drive the big SUVs that rule the world doing so despite knowing the vehicles are less safe than those that populate Accordia. Passive safety is what the engineers call this SUV safety – if a cement wall roars down the turnpike and collides with all the vehicles, the SUV will be better off than the regular car. But this doesn’t happen very often, and they say the SUV maneuvers like a pig.

It is a death trap, they say, but people seem to prefer the appearance of safety as opposed to real safety.

It’s like the union guys voting Republican. It doesn’t make any sense.

It’s incongruous, cognitive dissonance, like the belief that the Middle East dictator was responsible for Tuesday, Sept. 11.

We believe what we like to believe, and that’s more important than believing the truth.

It allows us to sleep better.

Good night.
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