Sunday, November 23, 2003
You're right, it shouldn't really matter what the victim is wearing, but it does. some
people have such strong dillusions when it comes to sexual attraction and the meaning of
the word "no", that those without such dillusions must be extremely cautious not to
invoke unwanted attention. As sad as that is, it is the truth. To some men, the fact that
a woman wears tight-fitting clothing and a low-cut dress is a sure sign of the woman's
desire to attract sexual advances, and to the ultimately dillusional individual, they
assume the attention this woman wants is from them and them alone.

Unfortunately, the solution is not this simple. If it was, I'm sure women who were truly
conscious of this danger would Habbits to all functions, even their own wedding. The fact
is, that in random victimization, it doesn't matter what the vicitim is wearing. I would
even venture to say that to the perpatrater, it doesn't really matter the sex of the victim,
as long as they can fully control and subdue them. We often say that "Absolute power
corrupts absolutely". Rape is a person's search for absolute power. Their search leads
to absolute perversity, and ultimately, corruption.

On the issue of education of men as to the respect of men: we should define a man by
his respect and treatment of women. I have never, ever, EVER hit a women. I never
will. I have actually been in a fight because one of my "friends" starting smacking his girl
friend around because she was a little late in meeting us for dinner. He never hit her
again because she left him (later on, we dated briefly). I don't consider him a man.
Besides that, education will not help in rape. It is not an issue of respect, but of
perspective, of the need for absolute sway over someone. Women who rape men (yes,
it does happen) often were raped themselves by men, and wish to regain and project
their need for power upon those of the gender that abuse them.

Nicole, I understand what you are saying, and I'm glad you took the pulpit -er, uh, "soap
box" for a little bit. I agree. Women should be as assertive as men are. I personally
don't like women who think they need men to take care of them. I don't like that
clinginess that some women have developed. I love a woman (like my fiancé) that will
be strong in their character, and do as they will, go after what they want. Women do not
need men, nor do men need women, instead, we should lean on eachother, equally, in
loving and tender fashion. That is how the two live naturally and peacefully, with the co-
mingling of grace and affection.

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