Sunday, August 31, 2003
When Schwarzenegger announced on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" last month that he was running for governor – an announcement that by all accounts surprised even his closest political advisers – he said he was determined to purge the influence of special interests on state government and would not raise any money for his campaign.

"I don't need to take any money from anybody," he said then. "I have plenty of money myself."

Now he has an aggressive fund-raising campaign that has pulled in more than $1 million from land developers, high-tech companies and other interests.

Schwarzenegger also declared he was the unencumbered outsider who would "clean house" in Sacramento. But he is surrounded by the political and policy team of former Gov. Pete Wilson and has the backing of many Republican business leaders and the majority of partisan Republican elected officials in California.

"That's one of the ironies here. While Arnold is running as an outsider, he has establishment support in the Republican Party," said Bill Whalen, a policy analyst at the conservative Hoover Institution and former Wilson speechwriter.
Last night we met the guy who plays bass in this band. If you click to "Sounds," you'll hear that they're pretty good.

And Gar Wood is producing them, so that can't hurt.
Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Diamond David Lee Roth:

"I'm a family man. I personally started 3 or 4 this year."

"I used to jog ... but the ice cubes kept falling out of my glass."

"Money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you a yacht big enough to pull right alongside it"
Saturday, August 30, 2003
gainsay \gayn-SAY; GAYN-say\, transitive verb:

1. To deny or dispute; to declare false or invalid.
2. To oppose; to contradict.
Friday, August 29, 2003
Faced with persistent sabotage and an increase in guerrilla violence, the Bush administration faces unpalatable options in Iraq, especially as the country approaches the beginning of the year before the election. Real imperial powers ought not to be distracted by elections.

It can send more American troops, either National Guard or Reserve units, or new units drawn from recruits or eventually perhaps from a draft. This choice is unpalatable because it would be an admission that the administration had made serious mistakes in its calculations about how many troops were needed. Moreover, it would give the lie to the president's claim on the aircraft carrier that the war is over.

It can invite the United Nations to send in troops. However, the other Security Council countries are not likely to approve such action unless the United States eats humble pie, admits that it was mistaken in its confidence, and permits the UN to take charge of Iraq. It is virtually unthinkable that the president could accept that humiliation in an election year.
"They don't have a bell, so you don't know when to go to class," said Carolina Santiago, 18, of Vista.

The MiraCosta freshman said that was one of the differences between high school and college she noticed immediately.
With a -- egad! -- holiday coming up, watch the company lose its marbles:

With Monday being a holiday we will have some changes to the normal payroll processing schedule. Please adhere to the following deadlines for this payroll cycle:
Salaried Timesheets - Please complete, submit and approve by the CLOSE OF BUSINESS TODAY.
Hourly Timesheets - Please approve by 10 am on Monday morning.
Thank you for your help!
Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!

And then this:

My apologies... there was an error in my previous message.
Please have all hourly timesheets approved by TUESDAY morning at 10!
Sorry about that!


Normally, we haven't given too much thought to whether we accumulate any overtime in our department. I've just signed off on it, assuming it was necessary if someone had OT on their time sheet. As you saw in last week's email from ____, though, the company is getting serious about having to approve OT in advance.

This pay period, we have a fair number of overtime hours, despite the company email request. As this issue is getting more scrutiny, I'm at a loss as to what reasons to put down on OT Authorization Sheets (and TPS reports, for that matter) unless you consult me in advance.

I know it's a pain to keep track of hours to the minute, so a half hour in a given pay period won't be a big deal. But let's try to keep it under that one hour mark, unless there's a reason not to. Also, feel free to ask me to check your hours for you if you don't want to use the time clock to do it.

And not to be outdone:

Good morning,

The Distribution Center and Tech Shop will be closed on Tuesday, 2 September, from approximately 7:00AM - 2:00PM for Inventory purposes.

Our goal is to complete the Inventory and resume normal operations as soon as possible in order to ensure that your shipping requirements are fulfilled.

Please limit traffic in both the Distribution Center and the Tech Shop during these hours. Should you have any questions regarding this closure, please contact ____, ____ or myself.

We thank you in advance, and wish everyone a great day!

And this addendum:

The Shipping Cutoff time for today is 1:30PM.

Please plan accordingly!

Everyone have a great (SAFE) weekend!

Where's Bill Lumberg when I need him?
Location: 7910 GIRARD AVE
Neighborhood: LA JOLLA


A suspect was in the Classic Touch Fine Jewelry looking at a ring. He took a ring from the clerk and ran out the store. He jumped into the passenger seat to a waiting Ford Taurus.

The suspects fled N/B Girard Ave from the scene. The car was seen going S/B Hwy 5 and driving on the shoulder to get around heavy traffic. The car took the Front St off ramp and headed towards downtown. The suspect drove for several blocks and stopped.

There were four suspects that fled from the vehicle. They were later all taken into custody within a short time. The ring was valued at $2500 and was recovered.

UPDATE: During the search of the car, several expensive coats were taken from an earlier grab and run from Chico’s Clothing. The store is located one block away at 7855 Girard Ave. Northern handled.

Thursday, August 28, 2003
It is not the first time that there has been a morbid synergy between some of the faith-based warriors in the Pentagon and their fundamentalist sparring partners in the (Middle East). They both have a profound disdain for the UN and any concept of international law.
In a recent Activity Committee meeting, there was discussion regarding the upcoming anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy. It was suggested that a blood drive might be a nice way to commemorate that event. In order to secure a Bloodmobile, a minimum of 30 employees must participate. Therefore, we need your feedback ASAP.

Please check the appropriate voting button at the top of this message to indicate your participation level....Yes, No or Maybe.

P.S. If you don't see the voting buttons, double click on this message.

Thank you.
The report says the size and scope of the government contracts awarded to Halliburton in connection with the war in Iraq are significantly greater than was previously disclosed.

I know you don't want to believe it, but some people do actually profit from war. Some of the companies whose best interests are served by war were formerly run by the vice president of the United States, a man many feel drives U.S. foreign policy.

Now, I don't want you to think that financial gain would compel such a mighty nation as the United States to war. We all know that the world had to be rid of that despotic Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction.

Now that he is gone and the weapons are secure, Iraq seems to be a much safer, prosperous country for its grateful inhabitants.
equipoise \EE-kwuh-poiz; EK-wuh-\, noun:

1. A state of being equally balanced; equilibrium; -- as of moral, political, or social interests or forces.
2. Counterbalance.
Wednesday, August 27, 2003
Round one of the fantasy football draft is about to begin. The profanity and shit-chatting is in full force.

Here's how Round 1 went:

Ricky Williams
LaDanian Tomlinson
Marshall Faulk
Clinton Portis
Priest Holmes
Deuce McAllister
Shaun Alexander
Donovan McNabb
Marvin Harrison
Daunte Culpepper
Travis Henry (My pick)
Ahman Green
"Washington Bullets"
(The Clash)

Oh! Mama, Mama look there!
Your children are playing in that street again
Don't you know what happened down there?
A youth of fourteen got shot down there
The Kokane guns of Jamdown Town
The killing clowns, the blood money men
Are shooting those Washington bullets again

As every cell in Chile will tell
The cries of the tortured men
Remember Allende, and the days before,
Before the army came
Please remember Victor Jara,
In the Santiago Stadium,
Es verdad - those Washington Bullets again

And in the Bay of Pigs in 1961,
Havana fought the playboy in the Cuban sun,
For Castro is a colour,
Is a redder than red,
Those Washington bullets want Castro dead
For Castro is the colour...
...That will earn you a spray of lead

For the very first time ever,
When they had a revolution in Nicaragua,
There was no interference from America
Human rights in America

Well the people fought the leader,
And up he flew...
With no Washington bullets what else could he do?

'N' if you can find a Afghan rebel
That the Moscow bullets missed
Ask him what he thinks of voting Communist...
...Ask the Dalai Lama in the hills of Tibet,
How many monks did the Chinese get?
In a war-torn swamp stop any mercenary,
'N' check the British bullets in his armoury
Official falsehoods are bad enough, but the White House’s involvement is just one more sad chapter for an administration that has defined itself by its deceptions on public policy, obsession with secrecy, and willingness to politicize the federal bureaucracy for political gain.
The roiling cloud of dust and smoke from the collapse of the World Trade Center’s twin towers on Sept. 11, 2001, was still menacing New York City when federal environmental officials assured New Yorkers that there was no health danger in breathing the foul air.

They lied.

As we now know from a report by the inspector general of the federal Environmental Protection Agency, repeated claims that air quality around Ground Zero was "not a cause for public concern" were meant simply to reassure residents still reeling from the terrorist attacks.

Amazingly, the lies were ordered by the White House, which took control of the EPA’s news releases through the National Security Council and directed the agency "to add reassuring statements and delete cautionary ones," the inspector general reported.
What is the problem with other catagories that some of us older educated white collor workes might know. Please get back to your balanced catagories.

A pleasant reminder that Monday is a company holiday.

Subject to your supervisor’s approval, you may leave two hours early on Friday (for those who work 8 to 5, you may leave at 3; for those who work 7 to 4, you may leave at 2, etc.). Salaried and hourly employees alike will be paid for the 2 hours. If you are an hourly employee, please be sure to clock out today (this makes things so much easier for your supervisor!). Your supervisor will make the appropriate adjustment.

On behalf of the ____ Management Team, we wish you a very safe and happy holiday weekend!


'To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.'

- Theodore Roosevelt"
From: Home Start
Location: Bourbon Street 4612 Park Blvd., San Diego, CA
When: Thursday, October 9, 5:30pm to 8:30pm
Phone: Home Start 619-692-0727 ext. 113

Big Mike and Home Start request that you SAVE THE DATE of OCT. 9TH for Home Start's HARVEST FEST IV - a hip autumn fundraiser benefiting local Home Start programs that prevent child abuse and help victims of crime and family violence to heal and to live safe, healthy lives.

Event will feature: beer sampling courtesy of Anheuser Busch, singing performance by In aChord; guest emcee, Dave Carlin, anchor of WB's News at 10:00; incredible food from Unforgetable Catering, and an awesome little auction.

All for just $25! Watch for your invitation in the mail or call Stephanie at Home Start to reserve your spot now. 619-692-0727 ext. 113.
Tuesday, August 26, 2003
John Lee Hooker would get a kick out of white men paying more than a hundred bucks apiece to play fantasy football.
"This is a political strategy we haven't seen before," said Tim Storey, redistricting analyst for the National Conference of State Legislatures. "People who study this area can't find any case in the last 100 years of mid-decade redistricting without a court order."
Sport Coat: A person whom a girlfriend is dating while a prisoner is locked up.

"Don't worry about her, man, she just put on a sport coat for awhile."
The number of United States soldiers who have died in Iraq since May 1, when President Bush declared the end of major combat there, has surpassed the number of American deaths in the first stage of the war, which began on March 19.

Throughout the war there have been discrepancies in the numbers of dead and wounded issued by American military organizations, and today was no exception.
vainglory \VAYN-glor-ee; vayn-GLOR-ee\, noun:

1. Excessive pride in one's achievements, abilities, qualities, etc.
2. Vain display.
(M. Jagger/K. Richards)

Some girls give me money
Some girls buy me clothes
Some girls give me jewelry
That I never thought I'd own

Some girls give me diamonds
Some girls, heart attacks
Some girls I give all my bread to
I don't ever want it back

Some girls give me jewelry
Others buy me clothes
Some girls give me children
I never asked them for

So give me all your money
Give me all your gold
I'll buy you a house back in Zuma beach
And give you half of what I own

Some girls take my money
Some girls take my clothes
Some girls get the shirt off my back
And leave me with a lethal dose

French girls they want Cartier
Italian girls want cars
American girls want everything in the world
You can possibly imagine

English girls they're so prissy
I can't stand them on the telephone
Sometimes I take the receiver off the hook
I don't want them to ever call at all

White girls they're pretty funny
Sometimes they drive me mad
Black girls just wanna get fucked all night
I just don't have that much jam

Chinese girls are so gentle
They're really such a tease
You never know quite what they're cookin'
Inside those silky sleeves

Give me all you money
Give me all your gold
I'll buy you a house back in Zuma beach
And give you half of what I own

Yeah baby why don't you please come home

Some girls they're so pure
Some girls so corrupt
Some girls give me children
I only made love to her once

Give me half your money
Give me half your car
Give me half of everything
I'll make you world's biggest star

So gimme all your money
Give me all your gold
Let's go back to Zuma beach
I'll give you half of everything I own
The few months between the inception of the energy task force and its presentation of the final report, the vice president, some Cabinet-level and other senior administration officials and support staff controlled most of the report's development, according to the GAO.

They met frequently with energy industry representatives and only on a limited basis with scholars and environmentalists, the GAO said. The extent to which any of these meetings or information obtained from the energy industry influenced policy can't be determined, based on limited information made available to the GAO, the report said.
Congressional investigators say they can't determine the oil industry's influence on the White House's energy policy because Vice President Dick Cheney refused to provide documents about his energy task force.

The General Accounting Office said in a report Monday that other parts of the government did not fully cooperate, either.
Monday, August 25, 2003
You religious people are so fucked.

He also said the child's death would not change the way the church operates, saying:

"How you going to change the Bible?"
A chubby Queens woman hacked her mother-in-law to death with a meat cleaver after the older woman refused to serve her rice with dinner because it's too fattening, authorities said yesterday.

The unwanted diet advice sparked a gruesome end for Farida Begum, a 74-year-old grandmother who died yesterday morning, hours after the vicious dinnertime attack in an apartment across the street from Elmhurst Hospital Center.
IRON MAIDEN setlist for the Phoenix show:

01. Number Of The Beast
02. The Trooper
03. Die With Your Boots On
04. Revelations
05. Hallowed Be Thy Name
06. Wildest Dreams
07. The Wicker Man
08. The Clansman
09. The Clairvoyant
10. Fear Of The Dark
11. Iron Maiden

12. 2 Minutes to Midnight
13. Run To The Hills

With its canary-yellow Everyblob hero, its masterfully simple design and its abstract realm where even death was a cheerful event, Pac-Man brought video gaming out of the bars and into the malls.
An important reminder!

Your supervisor must authorize all overtime work IN ADVANCE IN WRITING. Keep in mind that overtime pay is an expenditure that must be planned for with care and accounted for just as with any expense. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please refer to Section 2014 Of your employee handbook or consult with your supervisor should you have any questions. The Company provides compensation for all overtime hours worked by non-exempt employees in accordance with state and federal law.
Sunday, August 24, 2003
Criminal Mad That Man Called The Cops On Him

OAKLAND, CA—Ben Patton, arrested Monday, said he was angry that a passerby reported him to the police. "I'm minding my own fucking business, crowbarring the door off of a Radio Shack, and some punk drives by and calls 911 on his cell phone," Patton said. "If it was his car I was breaking into, I could see him getting involved, but this is bullshit." While in custody, Patton added that he wishes he had noted the color and model of the informant's car, so he could express his irritation to the driver in person.
I just don't believe it. My government in the United States would never mislead me.

Experts Doubt U.S. Claim on Iraqi Drones

By DAFNA LINZER and JOHN J. LUMPKIN, Associated Press Writers

Huddled over a fleet of abandoned Iraqi drones, U.S. weapons experts in Baghdad came to one conclusion: Despite the Bush administration's public assertions, these unmanned aerial vehicles weren't designed to dispense biological or chemical weapons.

The evidence gathered this summer matched the dissenting views of Air Force intelligence analysts who argued in a national intelligence assessment of Iraq before the war that the remotely piloted planes were unarmed reconnaissance drones.

In building its case for war, senior Bush administration officials had said Iraq's drones were intended to deliver unconventional weapons. Secretary of State Colin Powell even raised the alarming prospect that the pilotless aircraft could sneak into the United States to carry out poisonous attacks on American cities.
San Diego Police Department

CONTACT: Lieutenant Mike Hurley Homicide Unit (619) 531-2275
August 24, 2003 Sunday


San Diego Police Homicide detectives are investigating the shooting death of a young man earlier tonight in the 400 block of 33rd Street.

At 2:21 a.m. today, a caller reported to the police that there had been a shooting and a person was down at the intersection of 33rd and J Streets. Responding officers from Central Division located the victim, a Hispanic male in his late teens or early twenties. The victim was determined to be dead at the scene.

Witnesses described hearing several gunshots and seeing two Hispanic males, 18-25 years old, about five feet six inches in height, weighing between 170 and 200 pounds, running after the victim.

The victim has not yet been identified and no suspects are in custody at this time. Anyone with information about this shooting is asked to call the San Diego Police Homicide Unit at (619) 531-2293 or Crime Stoppers at (888) 580-TIPS(8477).
Saturday, August 23, 2003
redact \rih-DAKT\, transitive verb:

1. To draw up or frame (a statement, proclamation, etc.); to put in writing.
2. To make ready and put in shape for publication; to edit.
Friday, August 22, 2003
In the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, attack on the World Trade Center, the White House instructed the Environmental Protection Agency to give the public misleading information, telling New Yorkers it was safe to breathe when reliable information on air quality was not available.
"This videotape documents the last six-year history of Gay Days at Walt Disney World. And because Disney has refused to address our concerns, we are releasing footage never previously exposed to the American public."

The footage revealed homosexuals engaged in:
* kissing, hugging and fondling…
* full nudity, drug use and sex acts…
* Disney Cast Members engaged in homoerotic performances
* And testimony from a family who witnessed an explicit pornographic film being shown on a Disney Cruise-Line Bus.

Thumb Correctional Facility
3225 John Conley Dr.
Lapeer, MI 48446

# 39794-066
PO Box 3000USP
Allenwood White Deer, PA 17887

= s/n Leonard McQuaySt.
Joe County Jail 129
S. Main St. South Bend,
IN 46601

Box 100 South Walpole,
MA 02071


Dr. Yurl Bandazhevsky, Ul. Kalvarijskaya 36, PO Box 35K, Minsk 220600,
Belarus. Serving 8 years for telling the world that the nuclear radiation around Chernobyl is worse than the Belarus Government has admitted.

Marco Camenisch, Hornlistr. 55, 8330 Pfaffikon, Switzerland. Serving a 10-year sentence for anti-nuclear eco-bombings in Switzerland. In 2002 he completed a 12-year sentence in Italy for similar eco-bombings. Additional charges relating to his escape from prison in the 1980s are also expected. Marco reads French, German, Spanish & Italian.

Ted Kaczynski (04475-046), US Pen - admin Max Facility, PO Box 8500,
Florence Colorado 81226, USA. Is serving multiple life sentences for the infamous 'Unabomber' anti-technology bombing & murder campaign.

I?aki Garcia Koch, Carcel de Pamplona, C/San Roque. Apdo. 250, 31080 -
Iru?ez - Pamplona, Navarra (Espa?a), Spain Serving just under 5 years for sabotaging a dam construction site.

Jeffrey Luers, #13797671, OSP , 2605 State St. Salem, OR 97310, USA. Serving 22 years & 8 months for arson on a car dealership & attempted arson of an
oil truck.

Craig Marshall, #13797662, SRCI, 777 Stanton Blvd, Ontario, OR 97914 USA. Serving 5 years 5 months for conspiracy to commit arson and possession of incendiary devices, having used the devices to destroy SUV's to raise attention to the environmentally destructive nature of these vehicles.

Grigory Pasko, c/o Russian Federation, 690 100 g. Vladivostok, ul.
Ivanovskaya 2, kv 24. Russia. An eco-journalist serving 4 years for exposing the Russian Navy dumping nuclear waste into the Pacific Ocean.

Fran Thompson (93341), 1107 Recharge Rd., York NE 68467, USA. An eco-activist serving Life for shooting dead, in self-defence, a stalker who
had broken into her home.

Helen Woodson, 03231-045 FMC Carswell, POB 27137, Fort Worth, TX 76127, USA.
Serving 27 years for three separate actions. 1) She robbed a federal reserve bank of $26,000 before burning the money whilst distributing a statement denouncing materialism, wealth and power that caused environmental destruction. 2) She mailed warning letters with .38 calibre bullets affixed to various Government and corporate officials. These letters stated that
their actions were like bullets fired into the heart of creation. 3) Using a jackhammer, she carried out a Ploughshares direct disarmament against a
Mintueman II missile silo.


Dave Blenkinsop EM7899, HMP Bullingdon, Oxfordshire OX6 0PZ England.
Serving 10 years imprisonment. The sentence is made up of three parts. 1) Three years for a stave attack on the Managing Director of HLS. 2) 18 months for rescuing 600 guinea pigs from a lab supplier. 3) 5½ years for planting incendiary devices under abattoir vehicles.

Nathan Brasfield #202044100, King County Regional Justice Center Detention Facility, 620 West James St, Kent WA 98032, USA. SHAC activist on Remand
for felony theft of telecommunications service.

Sarah Gisborne HR4605, HMP Highpoint, Stradishall, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8
9YG, England. SHAC activist serving 12 months for criminal damage. Jennifer Greenberg, 3100201610, Rose M. Singer Center, 1919 Hazen St., East
Elmherst, NY 11370, USA. SHAC activist serving one year for "Criminal Mischief".

Benjamin Persky #1410212600, NYSID# 9846577R, GRVC, 0909 Hazen St., East
Elmherst, NY 11370, USA. SHAC activist serving 2-6 years for "Criminal Mischief".

Rae Schilling GN6613, H.M.Prison Winchester, SO22 5DF, England. SHAC activist serving 3½ years for aggravated harassment against HLS

Peter Schnell #99476-111, FCI Otisville, PO Box 1000, Otisville, NY 10963,
USA. Serving 24 months for possession of incendiary devices. It is claimed the devices were to be used to torch dairy trucks.

Pelle Strindlund, Ostrag?rd kriminalvardsanstalt, Box 215, SE-462 23
Vanersborg, Sweden. Serving 8 months for disarming a slaughterhouse. Due out soon.

Joshua Schwartz, 3100201611, NYSID# 1900738L, EMTC, 1010 Hazen Street,East
Elmherst, NY, 11370, USA. SHAC activist serving 1 year for "Criminal Mischief".

Geert Waegemans, Gevangenis Hoogstraten, Gelnelstraat 131, 2320 Hoogstraten,
Belgium. Serving 5 years for various ALF arson. Controversially he named police informant, Anja Hermans, as aiding him with his actions after she
named him as an ALF activist & alerted the police to his activity

Around the world there have been several massive protests against global capitalism and its environmental impact. The following have all been jailed
in connection with the protests.

Robert Middaugh, #T41137 Bldg, 410 23up, PO Box 8, Avenal, CA 93204, USA. (3

Robert Thaxton #12112716, OSP, 2605 State St, Salem, OR 97310, USA (86

Ploughshares is an international movement which uses accountable direct action to disarm weapons of mass destruction. The following have all
carried out direct disarmaments.

Deirdre Clancy, c/o Shannon Peace House, 19 Inis Ealga, Shannon, County
Clare, Ireland. (On Remand)

Nuin Dunlop, c/o Shannon Peace House, 19 Inis Ealga, Shannon, County Clare,
Ireland. (On Remand)

Karen Fallon, c/o Shannon Peace House, 19 Inis Ealga, Shannon, County Clare,
Ireland. (On Remand)

Carol Gilbert, PO Box 518, Georgetown, CO80444, USA. (On Remand)

Jackie Hudson, PO Box 518, Georgetown, CO80444, USA. (On Remand)

Mary Kelly, c/o Shannon Peace House, 19 Inis Ealga, Shannon, County Clare,
Ireland. (On Remand)

Damien Moran, c/o Shannon Peace House, 19 Inis Ealga, Shannon, County Clare,
Ireland. (On Remand)

Ciaron O'Reilly, c/o Shannon Peace House, 19 Inis Ealga, Shannon, County
Clare, Ireland. (On Remand)

Ardeth Platte, PO Box 518, Georgetown, CO80444, USA. (On Remand)


Leonard Peltier #89637-132, PO Box 1000, Leavenworth, KS 66048, USA.
Serving Life after being framed for murdering 2 FBI agents.

Eric Wildcat Hall, #BL-5355, Unit I/A 10745 Route 18, Albion, PA 16475-0002,
USA. Serving 35-75 years for helping ship arms to Central American indigenous activists.


MOVE is an eco-revolutionary group. There are currently eight MOVE activists in prison each serving 100 years after been framed for the murder of a cop
in 1979. 9th defendant, Merle Africa, died in prison in 1998.

Debbie Simms Africa (006307), Janet Holloway Africa (006308) and Janine Philips Africa (006309) all at: SCI Cambridge Springs, 451 Fullerton Ave,
Cambridge Springs, PA 16403-1238, USA.

Michael Davis Africa (AM4973) and Charles Simms Africa (AM4975) both at SCI
Grateford, PO Box 244, Grateford, PA 19426-0244, USA.

Edward Goodman Africa (AM4974), 301 Morea Rd, Frackville, PA 17932, USA.

William Philips Africa (AM4984) and Delbert Orr Africa (AM4985) both at SCI
Dallas Drawer K, Dallas, PA 18612, USA.

Mumia Abu Jamal, (AM8335), SCI Greene, 175 Progress Drive, Waynesburg PA
15370, USA. In 1981 Mumia, was framed for the murder of a cop. Awaiting re-sentencing.


Matthew Lamont, #2057039, Intake/Release Center, 550N. Flower St, Santa Ana,
CA 92710, USA. Remanded on four felony counts for allegedly making, possessing, transporting and using an explosive device.

Tomasz Wiloszewski, Zaklad Karny, Orzechowa 5, 98-200 Sieradz, Poland.
Serving 15 years for accidentally killing a neo-nazi whilst defending himself.

Whoever carried out the attacks is telling the American people that their involvement in Iraq is going to be long, bloody and costly ...

It is reckless of the United States not to acknowledge the popular opposition to the occupation that is evident in nearly every report coming out of Iraq, and that this widespread feeling is fueling support for violent resistance.
Sad to say, but there are actually those who wonder whether, right at this moment, the best thing President Bush could be doing is raising more money for his re-election campaign.

There are, it seems, currently some difficulties in Iraq and the Middle East, there is a hostility among traditional U.S. allies comparable to morning-after in-laws, there is a budget deficit rising to the point where the government needs to print additional numbers, and there is an economy that's considered to be advancing if it gets all the way to sluggish.
This editorial cartoonist got fired for drawing these cartoons for his newspaper.
For the second time this week, an employee has discovered that his lunch was taken from the refrigerator in the break room – stolen, really. Who among you is so hungry that you are taking someone else’s lunch?!!

Sad. . .
stolid \STOL-id\, adjective:

Having or revealing little emotion or sensibility; not easily excited.
Thursday, August 21, 2003
Rock critic Jon Landau turned record producer for the MC5's second album, Back in the USA. Once the record flopped, he returned to writing, becoming the most vocal advocate of Bruce Springsteen.

He became the Boss' co-producer for Born to Run, and his manager shortly afterward.
SAN FRANCISCO – A secretly negotiated deal that raised electricity rates for most California consumers by as much as 40 percent in 2001 was legal, the state Supreme Court said Thursday.

Watchdog groups howled, but an aide to Gov. Gray Davis called the ruling an endorsement of the tough steps he took to resolve the state's energy crisis.
irrefragable \ih-REF-ruh-guh-buhl\, adjective:

Impossible to refute; incontestable; undeniable; as, an irrefragable argument; irrefragable evidence.
Your Drug Tongue's Spoken

Just prior to deadline, I got the sad news that Malakas frontman and all around rock and roll motherfucker Cranford Nix died from that most rock of bitter ends, a heroin overdose.

Son of a bitch. Now I don't even have anybody to relapse with.

Although it wasn't completely unexpected - his demise was predicted as often as Johnny Thunders- that doesn't make it any less tragic. Cranford was one of the greatest rock and roll songwriters in America.

Put on any of the Malakas albums and see for yourself. After you finish choking on the bitter sarcasm of his lyrics, you'll find hooks worthy of the Replacements in their prime, or John Easdale at his best. But he liked the drinking, and he liked the drugs, and he loved the notoriety that both brought him.

I interviewed him last year, and it was such a blast, we agreed to do another interview later, for a chapter in my upcoming book on the perils of rock and roll decadence. We never got to do the second interview. I called him late in the year, and he was in good spirits, had just gotten out of jail, in fact, having served 6 months for the crime he describes in detail in our initial conversation.

We agreed to talk again a week later, and I just never got around to it. Now I never will. It is a dubious honor indeed to present you with the final Cranford Nix interview, but I've got pay some kind of tribute to him.

I've kept my original introduction intact, because, well, Cranford wasn't dead when we did the interview. He was alive as motherfucker, even sneering at the bony fingers of death pointing his way.

Personally, I don't think that Cranford would've cared one way or the other about how you remember him, but I know I want to remember him as a loose lipped, grave cheating son of a bitch that was always five minutes ahead of everybody else.

Wherever you are Cranford, I hope all the drinks are free.
Due to a water leak, the water has been temporarily shut off!

Please avoid the area near the mini “C”. Signs have been posted.

An email will be sent once the problem has been resolved!

Wednesday, August 20, 2003
This is how that I-15 gridlock was cleared up.
JELLO BIAFRA Turns Down Invitation From DEAD KENNEDYS To Perform At Anniversary Concert

Punk icon Jello Biafra has turned down an invitation from his former DEAD KENNEDYS bandmates to participate in what he called "their cash-in nostalgia show in Hollywood on August 19."

"To put it mildly, this reeks of false advertising," he said in an official press release. "They obviously aren't serious or they would have called me on the phone. Instead, their message came through their lawyers and their publicist.

"What's the matter, not enough Hot Topic bozo teens flocking to stuff cash in their bikinis? [Were] they having that much trouble selling tickets to a bar that holds less than 600 people?" he said, adding, "If they really want to 'bury the hatchet,' why won't they stop suing me?

"I feel sorry for anyone duped into paying top dollar for a ticket because they heard, 'I might be there.' But I hardly think I'm 'letting fans down' by refusing to be part of a nostalgia scam."
Some asshole is tying up all the freeways in San Diego County, and the newscasters are talking about how people locked in the jam are supposed to have patience. I hope like hell the people sweltering in their stalled vehicles can't hear the broadcasts.

The Web Site Dedicated To Charles Manson

A Real Source for Manson Thought


This is Access Manson, the web site dedicated to Charles Manson.

The purpose of this web site is to begin to lift the shroud of lies and distortions that have been used for thirty years by self-serving individuals, the mass media, and certain California state departments and offices to cover the reality that is Charles Manson. The purpose is also to begin the process of correcting the wrong done to Charles Manson by the denial of his constitutional right to defend himself during his trials, a denial that resulted in his illegal convictions and incarceration.

Charles Manson does not participate in the production of this web site. The opinions expressed herein are solely those of the webmaster and the other contributors. Access Manson is a purely informational service. We do not sell anything. Access Manson is an evolving web site. It will be expanded and added to as the situation warrants.
"The United States is way ahead of the rest of the industrial world in imprisoning its own population. That's for population control. None of that has anything to do with crime."

Noam Chomsky, American linguist and US media and foreign policy critic
As many of you are aware, the Internet has been hit very hard this week with a number of computer viruses and worms. While our systems here at ____ are protected, there are some guidelines everyone should follow in order to reduce the risk of infection.

First, do not open any file attachment in your Outlook mailbox, unless you are absolutely sure it is valid. Even if the file comes from someone you know, it still could be a virus, as most of these replicate by sending themselves out to everyone in the infected system's address book. As I mentioned above, our systems are protected, but it is still best to use caution with any file attachment.

Do not download files from the Internet. There is no guarantee that the file is not already infected.

You should not check your home email from work. Our mail servers are protected; your home Internet provider's probably is not.

Many are saying that this has been the worst week in history for Internet viruses. During one test, an unprotected system was placed on the Internet; it was infected within 27 seconds. If these viruses were introduced to our network, it would have a devastating affect on our business. Please follow the above guidelines to help us keep our systems clean.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call the help desk at ext. 1270.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003
College coaching is a racket, just like a lot of professions. It is a high-risk, high-reward for the renegades.

Coaches can get rich fast, cheat and cheat until they get that one big rich-long term contract, and then as one NCAA Tournament coach who's competed against Bliss said, "I think a lot of guys just say to themselves: Even if I get caught and get fired now, I'll have made my money. What do I have to lose?'"
cozen \KUZ-un\, transitive verb:

1. To cheat; to defraud; to deceive, usually by petty tricks.
2. To obtain by deceit.

intransitive verb:
To act deceitfully.
Hello! I want to dispel the myth that children do not have the ability to decide what they want to do with their lives. Children are people. Some children have good ideas and others don't. Children are human. Age is an irrelevant factor in the ability to comprehend rationally. There are totally irrational and totally irresponsible adults out in the world.

I am twelve years old. I have been gay from a very young age and I feel that I am as much a gay person as someone walking down Christopher St. or the Castro or any so called gay neighborhood. Some gays do not recognize that a young person could be gay.

I believe in gay liberation. Gay liberation must include all aspects of the sexual freedom struggle. Young gays should be made to feel at home in the gay community. The gay rights lobby denounces the "lunatic fringe" groups (boy lovers, TVs, S&M, etc) to gain a more "respectable" look, and to collect funds from liberal politicians at election time. These actions could destroy the gay liberation struggle by splitting the gay movement. If we are to survive, all froms of gayness must be accepted.
WELCOME! The North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) was formed in 1978. It was inspired by the success of a campaign based in Boston's gay community to defend against a local witchhunt.

NAMBLA's goal is to end the extreme oppression of men and boys in mutually consensual relationships by:

building understanding and support for such relationships;

educating the general public on the benevolent nature of man/boy love;

cooperating with lesbian, gay, feminist, and other liberation movements;

supporting the liberation of persons of all ages from sexual prejudice and oppression.

Our membership is open to everyone sympathetic to man/boy love and personal freedom.
NAMBLA calls for the empowerment of youth in all areas, not just the sexual. We support greater economic, political and social opportunities for young people and denounce the rampant ageism that segregates and isolates them in fear and mistrust.

We believe sexual feelings are a positive life force. We support the rights of youth as well as adults to choose the partners with whom they wish to share and enjoy their bodies.

We condemn sexual abuse and all forms of coercion. Freely-chosen relationships differ from unwanted sex. Present laws, which focus only on the age of the participants, ignore the quality of their relationships. We know that differences in age do not preclude mutual, loving interaction between persons. NAMBLA is strongly opposed to age-of-consent laws and all other restrictions which deny men and boys the full enjoyment of their bodies and control over their own lives.

NAMBLA does not provide encouragement, referrals or assistance for people seeking sexual contacts. NAMBLA does not engage in any activities that violate the law, nor do we advocate that anyone else should do so.

We call for fundamental reform of the laws regarding relations between youths and adults. Today, many thousands of men and boys are unjustly ground into the disfunctional criminal justice system. Blindly, this system condemns consensual, loving relationships between younger and older people. NAMBLA's Prisoner Program, with limited resources, works to provide a modicum of humanity to some of these people. Click here to find out more.

NAMBLA is a political, civil rights, and educational organization. We provide factual information and help educate society about the positive and beneficial nature of man/boy love
Monday, August 18, 2003
"We have the wealthiest society in human history, and we maintain the highest level of imprisonment. It's striking what that says about our approach to social problems and inequality."
Recipe For Prison Pruno
Jarvis Masters

Take ten peeled oranges,
Jarvis Masters, it is the judgment and sentence of this court,
one 8 oz. bowl of fruit cocktail,
that the charged information was true,
squeeze the fruit into a small plastic bag,
and the jury having previously, on said date,
and put the juice along with the mash inside,
found that the penalty shall be death,
add 16 oz. of water and seal the bag tightly.
and this Court having, on August 20, 1991,
Place the bag into your sink,
denied your motion for a new trial,
and heat it with hot running water for 15 minutes.
it is the order of this Court that you suffer death,
wrap towels around the bag to keep it warm for fermentation.
said penalty to be inflicted within the walls of San Quentin,
Stash the bag in your cell undisturbed for 48 hours.
at which place you shall be put to death,
When the time has elapsed,
in the manner prescribed by law,
add 40 to 60 cubes of white sugar,
the date later to be fixed by the Court in warrant of execution.
six teaspoons of ketchup,
You are remanded to the custody of the warden of San Quentin,
then heat again for 30 minutes,
to be held by him pending final
secure the bag as done before,
determination of your appeal.
then stash the bag undisturbed again for 72 hours.
It is so ordered.
Reheat daily for 15 minutes.
In witness whereof,
After 72 hours,
I have hereon set my hand as Judge of this Superior Court,
with a spoon, skim off the mash,
and I have caused the seal of this Court to be affixed thereto.
pour the remaining portion into two 18 oz. cups.
May God have mercy on your soul.

1992, California State Prison-San Quentin
San Quentin, California

With so many people giving religion a bad name, who's giving it a good one?
Dana was married and had four children.

Asshole soldiers.
Remember that first assignment on your first day back to school? The infamous "What I Did On My Summer Vacation" essay?!

Well, you don't have to provide the essay, but we'd like to see a picture taken during your vacation this year. Bring in your favorite, and we'll post it on the Employee Bulletin Board for everyone to enjoy.

If some of you are saying to yourselves, "Vacation! What's that??"......well, just bring a picture of yourself on ANY trip you've EVER taken! Bring the photos to me or to Janna by the end of the week, please.

Human Resources Administrator
It was quite the day for the 40,124 fans at Wrigley Field.

Not only did high-powered jets from the Air and Water Show buzz the ballpark, but Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the seventh-inning stretch.
Sunday, August 17, 2003
As I've written elsewhere: If I were the president, I could stop terrorist attacks against the United States in a few days. Permanently. I would first apologize -- very publicly and very sincerely -- to all the widows and orphans, the impoverished and the tortured, and all the many millions of other victims of American imperialism.

Then I would announce that America's global military interventions have come to an end. I would then inform Israel that it is no longer the 51st state of the union but -- oddly enough -- a foreign country.

Then I would reduce the military budget by at least 90 percent and use the savings to pay reparations to the victims and repair the damage from the many American bombings, invasions and sanctions. There would be enough money. One year of our military budget is equal to more than $20,000 per hour for every hour since Jesus Christ was born. That's one year. That's what I'd do on my first three days in the White House.

On the fourth day, I'd probably be assassinated.
"Myth and denial in the War on Terrorism"

By William Blum

( -- It dies hard. It dies very hard. The notion that terrorist acts against the United States can be explained by envy and irrational hatred, and not by what the United States does in and to the world -- i.e., U.S. foreign policy -- is alive and well. The fires were still burning intensely at Ground Zero when Colin Powell declared: "Once again, we see terrorism, we see terrorists, people who don't believe in democracy..." [1]

George W. picked up on that theme and ran with it. He's been its leading proponent ever since September 11 with his repeated insistence, in one wording or another, that "those people hate America, they hate all that it stands for, they hate our democracy, our freedom, our wealth, our secular government." (Ironically, the president and John Ashcroft probably hate our secular government as much as anyone.)

One of Bush's many subsequent versions of this incantation, delivered more than a year after 9-11, was: "The threats we face are global terrorist attacks. That's the threat. And the more you love freedom, the more likely it is you'll be attacked." [2] In September 2002, the White House released the "National Security Strategy," purported to be chiefly the handiwork of Condoleezza Rice, which speaks of the "rogue states" which "sponsor terrorism around the globe; and reject basic human values and hate the United States and everything for which it stands."

Saturday, August 16, 2003
Sounds like quite a guy.
LONDON -- On an historic afternoon when three U.S. goalkeepers earned starts in the English Premier League, the newest of the bunch earned the only shutout.

Tim Howard, repaying Manchester United's confidence in the 24-year old fresh off his transfer from MLS's MetroStars, kept a clean sheet as the defending champs opened their title defense with a 4-0 thrashing of Bolton Wanderers at Old Trafford.
Friday, August 15, 2003
Tomlinson, LaDainian RB SD

Williams, Ricky RB MIA

Portis, Clinton RB DEN

Vick, Michael QB ATL

McNabb, Donovan QB PHI

Alexander, Shaun RB SEA

McAllister, Deuce RB NO

Faulk, Marshall RB STL

Holmes, Priest RB KC

Harrison, Marvin WR IND

Owens, Terrell WR SF

Culpepper, Daunte QB MIN

Gannon, Rich QB OAK

Henry, Travis RB BUF

Green, Ahman RB GB

Moss, Randy WR MIN

Garner, Charlie RB OAK

Barber, Tiki RB NYG

Ward, Hines WR PIT

Pennington, Chad QB NYJ

Manning, Peyton QB IND

George, Eddie RB TEN

Martin, Curtis RB NYJ
A Leon County prosecutor accused university officials yesterday of trying to broker a deal with the plaintiff to avoid embarrassing publicity for the school and two student-athletes involved in the case.
U.S. Psychology Ph.D. Programs
Gourman Report Rankings

1 Stanford University

2 Yale University

3 University of Pennsylvania

4 University of Michigan--Ann Arbor

5 University of Minnesota--Twin Cities

6 Harvard University

7 University of California--Berkeley

8 University of Illinois--Urbana-Champaign

9 University of California--Los Angeles

10 University of Chicago

11 University of California--San Diego

12 Carnegie Mellon University

13 Indiana University--Bloomington

14 Columbia University

15 Princeton University

16 University of Wisconsin--Madison

17 University of Oregon

18 University of Virginia

19 University of Texas--Austin

20 University of Washington
"Our journalistic culture may soon resemble that of early nineteenth-century America, in which party-owned newspapers presented selective versions of the truth. News addressed to a particular niche—not simply in its content but also in its politics—may be the natural match to an era with hundreds of TV channels and limitless numbers of Internet sites."

— James Fallows
During a fall review of sales figures, real estate author John R. Talbott found that no region in the country exceeded San Diego County's home costs relative to average household income.
Pam and Dave Holcomb recently paid $585,000 for an 876-square-foot house in Pacific Beach that was built in 1949. The Holcombs have no regrets, since comparable homes within a few blocks of the beach are selling for more than $600,000.
"Now we understand why they (Americans) have been unable to get the electricity running in Baghdad," said 47-year-old engineer Ghassan Tombin in the Gulf Arab country of Dubai.
A message from Groundskeeper Willie (sic throughout):

Happy Friday to All,

As we already know, the energy providers continue to increase energy rates, and being in the midst of summer makes it that much more important that we all continue to be “Energy Conscious”. , I’d like to ask that we all continue to be diligent in our attempts to keep our energy consumption to a minimal.

As the price of energy continues to escalate here in California, and in other areas of the country, I’d like to Thank everyone for your continued efforts in controlling our energy costs. Additionally, I’d also ask that we all remain diligent in our conservation efforts as we go about our daily routines.


On Peak 11:00AM - 6:00PM weekdays (highest rate)

Semi-Peak 6:00AM - 11:00AM weekdays (reduced rate)
6:00PM - 10:00PM weekdays

Off Peak 10:00PM - 6:00AM weekdays (lowest rate)
Plus weekends and Holidays

**Please check your local listing for your respective areas**

I’ve listed several reminders that will help both at home and work.

· Turn off lights when out of the office or leaving home.
· Turn off Lavatory lights when leaving.
· Power down all equipment at the end of the day. (Computers, TV’s, appliances etc.)
· Turn off Monitors if you’re going to be away from your desk for more than 15 minutes.
· Keep heat-producing devices away from thermostats.
· Keep cool air in, and warm air out. (Close doors and windows while A/C is in operation)
· Turn off A/C while out of the office or away from home.
· Maintain temperature around 74 - 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

Please forward me any other suggestions that may help us curtail our energy consumption.

Everyone have a Great Weekend!

Saudi travel warning extended
August 15, 2003

AUSTRALIA has followed the United States and Britain in warning its citizens of new terrorist threats in Saudi Arabia, especially against civil aviation.

The latest travel advice from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) said British Airways suspended flights to Saudi Arabia this week after intelligence on security threats to civil aviation.

DFAT has already advised Australians to defer non-essential travel to the kingdom, and advised travellers to exercise extreme caution.

Today it extended the list of danger hot-spots to include airports, hotels, shopping malls, foreign residential areas and resorts, as well as schools, restaurants and other public places.

The US also issued a new travel warning for Saudi Arabia this week, saying it had credible information about threats against US and Western interests, including civil aviation.
Thursday, August 14, 2003
Another e-mail:

He's still very young (14), but this Adu kid may become the first American international superstar.
An e-mail:

Between certain editors and certain writers, sometimes my job involves entirely too much handholding and babysitting.
I'm listening to the mayor of New York talk right now, and he really seems like a fuckwad.
sine qua non \sin-ih-kwah-NON; -NOHN; sy-nih-kway-\, noun:

An essential condition or element; an indispensable thing
The rich send the poor to fight -- and then they don't want to pay them. If I were a soldier, it would make me think long and hard about what I do.

Of course, I know the best soldiers are those who don't think.
This guy was shot dead by two guys who put bandanas on their faces and rob guys at taco stands at three in the fucking morning. What has happened to us?
Wednesday, August 13, 2003
"Soon I'm going to stop this job because I'm really, really afraid," he said. "I don't want to die. I want to live, I want to marry."

If you find your job unfulfilling, I suggest reading this story.
My Lai

A village of southern Vietnam where more than 300 unarmed civilians, including women and children, were massacred by U.S. troops (March 1968) during the Vietnam War.

This is not the same thing. Not as many people here died, and the U.S. has been relentlessly attacked by pesty resistance.
Many fans, rappers, producers and intellectuals defend hip-hop's violence, both real and imagined, and its misogyny as a revolutionary cry of frustration from disempowered youth. For Simmons, gangsta raps "teach listeners something about the lives of the people who create them and remind them that these people exist." 50 Cent recently told Vibe magazine, "Mainstream America can look at me and say, 'That's the mentality of a young man from the 'hood.' "

University of Pennsylvania black studies professor Michael Eric Dyson has written a book-length paean to Shakur, praising him for "challenging narrow artistic visions of black identity" and for "artistically exploring the attractions and limits of black moral and social subcultures" - just one of countless fawning treatises on rap published in recent years.

But we're sorely lacking in imagination if in 2003 - long after the civil rights revolution proved a success, at a time of vaulting opportunity for African Americans, when blacks find themselves at the top reaches of society and politics - we think that it signals progress when black kids rattle off violent, sexist, nihilistic, lyrics, like Russians reciting Pushkin.
More good stuff from Normal Heights.

San Diego officer shoots man who stabbed him

9:36 a.m., August 13, 2003

SAN DIEGO – A San Diego police officer shot and wounded a man who stabbed him during a traffic stop in Normal Heights today, police said.

The officer made the stop at about 7 a.m. in the 4200 block of 34th Street, where a man got out of the vehicle and a fight ensued, San Diego police Capt. Mike McCulloch said.

During the struggle, the officer was stabbed once in the shoulder, then fired one shot, which struck the man in the leg, McCulloch said.

Both the suspect and the officer were taken to Scripps Mercy Hospital, San Diego police spokesman Bill Robinson said. Their wounds were not considered life-threatening.

Homicide detectives investigated the incident, Robinson said.

Learn how to say I don't know.
Tuesday, August 12, 2003
Y'all don't believe me, but I swear this is a tough neighborhood in which we live.

Incident Number: Date: Time: Beat: Watch Commander:
28433 08/12/03 2237 811 LT. ROHOWITS

Location: 4355 37TH STREET Neighborhood: NORMAL HEIGHTS



Officers responded to a report of a person lying on the ground in front of the apartment building at 4355 37th Street. When officers arrived, they found an unresponsive male who was deceased. Homicide Team 3 responded to conduct the investigation. Please refer to the Homicide Press Release for additional information.
These are the words of Osama bin Laden, the exiled Saudi believed to responsible for the terrorist attacks on the United States:

The ruling to kill the Americans and their allies – civilians and military – is an individual duty for every Muslim who can do it in any country in which it is possible to do it, in order to liberate the Al-Aqsa Mosque [in Jerusalem] and the Holy Mosque [in Mecca] from their grip, and in order for their armies to move out of all the lands of Islam, defeated and unable to threaten any Muslim [again]. This is in accordance with the words of Almighty God, “’And fight the pagans all together as they fight you all together,’ and ‘fight them until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in God.’”

We have focused our declaration of jihad on the U.S. soldiers inside Arabia…The U.S. government has committed acts that are extremely unjust, hideous and criminal through its support of the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

This war will not only be between the people of the two sacred mosques and the Americans, but it will be between the Islamic world and the Americans and their allies because this war is a new crusade led by America against the Islamic nations.

Had we wanted to carry out small operations after our threat statement, we would have been able to… We thought that the two bombings in Riyadh and Dhahran would be enough (sic.) a signal to the wise U.S. decision-makers to avoid the real confrontation with the Islamic nation, but it seems they did not understand it.

The presence of the American crusader armed forces in the countries of the Islamic Gulf is the greatest danger and the biggest harm that threatens the world’s largest oil reserves… The infidels must be thrown out of the Arabian Peninsula.
Distillers, stunned by the slowdown in liquor sales, are devising new ways to serve alcoholic beverages to promote their products and invigorate sales.

“We sell not only alcohol but also ways to drink it,” a marketing official at a local distiller said.
Researchers have discovered a hidden message inside the worm taunting Microsoft chair Bill Gates:

"billy gates why do you make this possible? Stop making money and fix your software!"
Tobias von Sch?nebeck, a tour guide, shook his head when he heard about how the phenomenon was traced back to Macy's.

"This is just the sort of thing that happens when you forbid New York to smoke."
Trent Reznor recorded the bulk of Nine Inch Nails' 1994 epic The Downward Spiral at the Beverly Hills house where Sharon Tate and friends were murdered by the Manson family.

There's a story about a guy being arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle surface-to-air missiles into the United States so terrorists could shoot down passenger jets.

I saw a program about this, and an "expert" said such a tragedy would inevitably occur because the airlines are too cheap to implement the necessary radar-scrambling defense systems that cause the missiles to sail of target.

El Al uses the technology, and those are the safest flights in the world. Safer than Qantas.
skulk \SKUHLK\, intransitive verb:

1. To hide, or get out of the way, in a sneaking manner; to lurk.
2. To move about in a stealthy way.
3. To avoid responsibilities and duties.

1. One who skulks.
2. A group of foxes.
More than three months after Bush declared an end to major combat operations in Iraq, even the cost of the ongoing U.S. military campaign remains clouded in confusing numbers.
WASHINGTON – The U.S. bill for rebuilding Iraq and maintaining security there is widely expected to far exceed the war's price tag, and some private analysts estimate it could reach as high as $600 billion.

The Bush administration is offering only hazy details so far, and that is upsetting Republican as well as Democratic lawmakers.
Monday, August 11, 2003

Dear fellow trippers

1 1/2 weeks ago my friend David and I had an extremely traumatic experience which I am sure will make all of you even more convinced that the police are a bunch of fucking bastards and that the system (wherever you are) stinks to high heaven.

But first let me tell you about the circumstances of this experience. 5 days earlier I went to a huge rave (about 6000 people) in Cape Town, South Africa (where I live and where this whole story is set) ; I dropped a cap of acid and had the most uplifting, euphoric experience of my life. There were no fantastic visuals or anything - in fact 4 rfiends had caps from the same batch and said they were practically duds. Anyway , my trip was so good that I thought I must be the luckiest person out of all the thousands of people there ; I won't go into much more detail about it cause there are no words to appropriately describe what I had experinced. The point of this is that when it came to the trip Dave and I were to have later that week, I *knew* that it would be good; I was still basking in the glory of the one at the rave.

This was also to be our first trip outside of clubs or raves ,so I aws nervous but excited with anticipation. The night before we went to a club to buy the acid - we only got one cap to split between us, but this was a double-dipped silver surfer flown in fresh from Amsterdam that afternoon, so we presumed we had made a prety good purchase.

Now for the main part of the story. The next evening Dave and I went to the shopping complex at the cape Town waterfront and bought tickets for the animated film Pocahontas. At 5.15 we went into the cinema and dropped our half-tabs.Half an hour and that lovely tingling feeling we know so well began. After an hour or so I was getting very restless and sucking furiosly on the lollypop I had. But I was determined to follow the plot of the movie right to the end and in fact I did - despite sometimes getting lost in arbitary little details of the animation, and becoming aware that the walls around me were changing colour.

Then the movie ended and... bang! pow! ..the trip kicked in so hard I didnt know what hit me! We could hardly get out of our seats cause everything was so fucked up. When we made it outside the archway with pictures on the walls was warping hectically and I felt warm with pleasure and weirdness. Dave and I needed to go for a piss and when I stood at the urinal I thought peeing was the funniest stupidest thing in he world. We then proceeded to walk around the shopping centre, amazed at the wonderful sights and sounds that hit us. There was a funny old dude playing the piano- this sounded like the most hectic happy hardcore we'd ever heard. I watched David's lollypop pulsating while he told me that he was seeing it leave long trails when he waved it around.

We took a stroll outside where it was really cold, so decided to got o the car to fetch our jackets. At the parking lot there was a security guard who seemed to be watching our every move. Now in the car we had a couple of joints waiting for us (this was to be yet another first for us - smoking up while peaking on acid) but I said to Dave that we'd better leave that for now because the security guard was making me a bit nervous... she was looking straight at us and talking into her radio... I didn't want any cops to come roaming around looking for someone like us to pounce on. So anyway we left the car and I forgot about being worried and continued to enjoy my superb trip.

We headed for the BMW pavilion where they have luxury cars hanging from the ceiling - this was intensly amusing - and clean , smooth decor , polished floors etc which was very pleasing to look at. But of course we wanted some more adventure, so we headed back towards the shopping centre... when we came to cross a road I remarked to Dave that I could feel the sounds of the passing cars deep within me, but all he could do was burst out laughing in reply.

Back at the shopping centre we went into a sweet shop filled with millions of brightly colored sweets; I somehow managed to buy a long stick of gum and when we came out of the shop I just began playing with it in my hands cause I didnt know what else you were supposed to do with it ; I also marvelled ( and laughed my head off) at how I had actually managed to acquire this gum.

We walked into a shop that we just couldnt understand; it had a whole lot of interestig-looking stuff with people looking very interested in everything, so we tried to look interested but simply couldnt. So we walked out and just strolled around feeling like we were about to explode with energy any second, every now and then closing eyes to see everything rushing towards us and expecting (and wanting ) to be swallowed up by the ground at any moment. We went into a bookstore which had the most unbelievably brightly coloured magazines, toys, books, stationery, floor, ceiling , shelves, etc. I saw other people looking interested in the things people are normally interested in looking at, like magazines and cd's , so I tried to do the same to look a bit normal; but trying to concentrate on anything just made me more inclined to stare at the stupidest things, like blank paper, pencils, etc.

We sat on a bench in the middle of the complex where we could just watch evereything happening around us. I said to Dave that it looked like people were all walking leaning to the side, so he told me that he could tell what type of people they were by the way they walked.

After a bit more walking around feeling very amused with ourselves, we decided to go out to the car to get the dope that was waiting for us. On the way to the parking lot I remembered the gum, so we proceedede to stuff our mouths with the stuff ...a thoroughly satisfying experience. Once inside the car Dave noticed that same bitch of a security guard staring at us from some distance, so we just remained calm and chilled out for a while, enjoying the gum and the pictures behind our closed eyes. After a while we got out adn opened the boot to get the joints... we were planning on goin for a walk towards a darker area so that we could smoke them without being seen, but at this moment there were still a few too many peolpe around so we sat in the front of the car again chewing furiously on the gum and laughing and carrying on like comlete loonies.

Eventually we couldn't contain oursselves any longer - we just *had* to smoke. So we decided that we would walk to the exit of the parking lot and along the road that lead out of there towards Sea Point (a suburb) - this was a dark and quiet road and we thought it would be okay to smoke as we walked along. Before we got out of the car, I was agonizing over what to do with my gum, cause I didnt want to smoke with it ins my mouth but it was so good that I had to save it for later; so I was immensely pleased with myself when I left this huge glob perched on top of the steering wheel.

We got out of the car with our joints in our pockets and went round to the back to put something (can't remember what) in the boot. As we were getting ready to close the boot and move on, I noticed a police van drive slowly past... it then stopped almost directly opposite us and when I looked at the driver our eyes locked in one terrifying moment. We started walking away and I saw out of the corner of my eye the reversre lights of the van come on and it backed slowly after us. I was now panicking . I _knew_ that the cops were now onto us and I was desperate to get away to avoid being arrested for being in possesion of dope. We were going towards the exit of the parking lot now and I couldn't understand why Dave was so calm about all of this - didn't he know that the cops were about to get us? I tried to tell him to head back towards the shopping centre where we could get lost in the crowd, but he was just asking dumb questions about what direction we would take to Sea Point. I realised that it must be the trip thats making me paranoid ( this happend on a previous trip - where I became terrified and it turned out to be my imagination ; when I realised this , the trip turned into one of the best I'd ever had )

So with difficulty, I followed Dave's lead and continued walking with him. But I couldn't shake this feeling of fear, especially after walking past yet another cop van (although this one was empty)... all the goodness of the trip up to now had been converted into gut-wrenching panic; I was acutely aware that we were being watched - particularly by the police. I heard voices which I sensed were talking about how to get us. As we left the parking lot and started along that dark road I was sure I saw that same van circling the area from which we had just come, and I was expecting it -and other cops - to come and get us at any moment now. I thought about getting rid of the dope now while we still had the chance, but then I saw how cool and collectde Dave looked adn I thought he would think I was silly to waste perfectly good joints.

I desperately tried to hang onto the rationallity that seemed to come to Dave so easily, but the more I did so the more I thought about how we were walking straight into a carefully laid trap... I thought about going to prison and my "normal" friends and the rest ofsociety condemning me; I thought about how I would bring shame to my parents and relatives - and also how I had just blown my chance to continue with the fun , free life I had been living at this time, though this idea seemed insignificant in contast with the shit we were getting ourselves into at this very moment. All this time though there was a slender thread of hope I could still cling to - the knowledge that I was, after all, tripping and I could be compleely freaked out because of that alone.

This thread of hope disappeared completely when the cop van drove up and stopped beside us. Oh fuck! My heart was pounding. The guy in the van talked to us in a very strange way. He was telling us something about people breaking into cars in the parking lot and he wanted to check if ours was okay. In between sentences he was speaking into his radio saying "... we've got two guys here..." or something like that... I knew that we were being stalled while backup cops were being called. He was asking us where we were going and why we would park our car at the Waterfront if we were going to Sea point. I was glad that Dave was still calm enough to handle the situation. He was acting innocent and seemed to be speaking very sensibly, so I let him do all the talking - later I found out that Dave actually had _no idea_ what was going on cause he was so tripped out - meanwhile I was (even in my petrified state) very impressed and relieved that he was putting on such a good act. Dave suggested we walk back to the parking lot; thecop agreed with this - aparently Dave had the idea all the time that this cop was actually tryig to help! So back we headed , and what does this dickhead of a cop do? He follows slowly at about 20 metres behind us, headlights watching every movement we make. I was saying to Dave "how the hell are we going to get rid of this dope?" Despair. We couldn't drop it now - the cop would see.

Then Dave turned round and stopped walking. By this time he had also become suspicious but luckiyl wasnt nearly as freaked out as I was. The fucking bastard then sped up to us so quickly and stppped so close that he almost knocked us down. He told us to hop in and as he rolled slowly by and I realised that we would be heading straight back in his van I took the opportuniy to slip th ejoint out of my pocket and let it fall silently to the ground. Walking round the back of the van to the passenger side I noticed with horror that Dave hadn't yet got rid of his. I whispered loudly "drop it, drop it!" and just before he climbed in the van he too had flicked away the joint.

We sped quickly back to the parking lot where the cop dropped us off , only to be greeted by another one of the jerks. This one also began asking stupid questions and trying to get us to give ourselves away by not knowing where "our" car was - meantime the first idiot had dropped us in a parking lot with hundreds of cars; it would take anyone a few moments to get their bearings and work out were they had parked. At first I was babbling incohehrently back at this second cop, fully aware that he would think I was acting very suspiciously, but then I thought: now wait a minute! we're safe now . Fuck the stupid cop. I angrily showed him the keys which I took from my pocket (unfortunately I didnt have the wit at that moment to also tell him to shove his head up his ass) and went to the car - which Dave had now found - an loudly demonstrated how the key fitted the lock perfectly.

At this point I noticed with disbelief that the lump of gum I had left on the steering wheel was gone ; I was now *convinced* that while the cops had happily kept us stalled out on that dark road, they were busy searching our car for drugs. I was shocked and releived that we had in fact had the dope with us out there and not left it in the car... it turned out , howeverr, that this whole idea was just fantasy (the gum had dropped to the floor of the car) but this idea did contribute to the rush of thoughts and contemplation I had a short while later while we were sitting down outside the shopping centre again trying to get over this ordeal.

What I thought about and discussed with Dave, while I awas physically shaking and feeling very nervous and fragile, was how it is so crazy and unfair that the police and society consider us to be criminals - I mean , if someone asks me if I have comted a crime I'll say no, but according to the law I should have been put in jail long ago. Why is it that taking drugs is offensive when it harms no one (not even the user, if he is not stupid about it) ; if I was in another group of friends I might have been into drinking gallons of beer. But of course this is _fine_, and even encouraged in society! And then theres the police. It seems that they are just out to harass us; when they were watching us in that parking lot they just decided that two young guys just having fun must be up to something that posed a danger to society! Yeah, right!

Anyway , all this thinking was getting me extremely distressed, so we went to the CD store and listened to some music through headphones to try to get ourselves up again. Somehow Dave managed to get his trip gooing well again but when I closed my eyes while listening to the music I saw frightening images of people all around me watching me and I could sense their suspicion ofme. The music did help slightly, not by relaxing me, but by giving me a sense of familiarity, of something I knew and liked. I felt a little more comforable.

When we left that store all remaining traces of my trp, except for a feeling of nervousness, vanished. Dave was still having a good time - the experience had obviously not affeced him as harshly as it had affected me - which made me feel more and more pissed off, as the evening wore on , that the cops had done me out of a perfectly good trip.

Well, thats the end of this story... right now it is perhaps too soon after this experience to have learnt anything from it; I am still feeling really resentful and feel that I have an unfinished trip that I have to make up sometime. I won't go on preaching my views now... you can take what message you will from this story.

Enough said. Whew!

-- alt.drugs,alt.drugs.psychedelics
An art exhibition featuring live cattle spray-painted with graffiti has been targeted by animal rights protesters.
Today's dog owners might pause and consider that their pets may sometimes actually need much less from them than they want or feel they need to give. Most dogs require an hour of exercise a day, not endless fetching and chasing or romps with scores of excited peers. (A dog that chases balls, sticks, and Frisbees and races around all day is sometimes an obnoxious, aroused, or hyper dog, not necessarily a fulfilled one.) They certainly need love and attention, but not always as much of it as we think. They need food and things to chew on, but not as much as we usually provide.

This is a funny article about dog people.
Had Fox not sued, I'd've never known Al Franken has a new book coming out.
I sent an e-mail to a reporter in the Northwest asking if their was a racial element to the city of Portland's disgust for the Blazers, and he sent me this response:

nah, those guys are crappy citizens and role models no matter what race they are
I have travelled over a great part of Mexico, and I find this report to be ...

MEXICO CITY - Mexican police used falsified evidence and torture in investigating a decade of sexually motivated killings in the rough border city of Ciudad Juarez, Amnesty International said in a report released Monday.

The report said police in the northern state of Chihuahua have been slow to investigate 137 killings of young women since 1993, mishandled evidence and failed to catch the real killers, the London-based human rights group said.

"The killers are still roaming free," Amnesty International Secretary-General Irene Kahn told a Mexico City news conference.
Kiss Me I'm Shitfaced
Written by Dropkick Murphys

I play in a band, we're the best in the land
We're big in both Chelsea and France
I play one mean guitar and then score at the bar
There's a line of chicks waiting for their chance
So come on now honey, I'll make you feel pretty
These other gals mean nothing to me
Let's finish these drinks and be gone for the night
"Cause I'm more than a handful, you'll see

So kiss me I'm shitfaced
I'm soaked I'm soiled and brown
In the trousers, she kissed me
And I only bought her one round

I can bench-press a car, I'm an ex-football star
With degrees from both Harvard and Yale
Girls just can't keep uo, I'm a real love machine
I've had far better sex while in jail!
I've designed the Sears Tower, I make two grand an hour
I cook the world's best Duck Flambe
I'll take the pick of the litter, girls jockey for me
I don't need these lines to get laid

I'm a man of the night, a real ladies delight
See my figure was chiseled from stone
One more for the gal then I'll escort her home
Come last call I'm never alone
I've a house on the hill with a red waterbed
That puts Hugh Heffner's mansion to shame
With girls by the pool and Italian sports cars
I'm just here in this dump for the game ...

I'm a pitiful sight, and I ain't all that bright
I'm definitely not chiseled from stone
I'm a cheat and a liar, no woman's desire
I'll probably die cold and alone ...
...but just give me a chance, 'cause deep down inside
I swear I've got a big heart of gold
I'm a monogamous man, no more one night stands
Come on honey, let me take you home.
Puts Baby
In a corner
Except Lenny

My girl's
Got the hots
For Jerry
Sunday, August 10, 2003
Check this out, Tony Pierce is on fire:

it's sorta fucked up especially since the republicans have the white house and the congress and the supreme court and they've pretty much driven the country into the ground.

when it became obvious that california was in trouble gray davis asked the republican federal government for help and didn't get any. then he made some bad deals with texas republican energy companies - one of whom was affiliated with vice president Cheney.
Neighborhood: NORMAL HEIGHTS


Synopsis: A Boyfriend and Girlfriend were arguing over the male’s drug use. The female half obtained a knife and a struggle ensued. The male tried to kick the knife out of the female’s hand and was stabbed on shin. The male went to Sharp Hospital by medics. The female was arrested and booked for assault with a deadly weapon.
Philadelphia-born trumpeter Lee Morgan was onstage at a New York club called Slug’s in February of 1972 when he was fatally shot by a longtime paramour named Helen Moore, apparently after telling the woman he was leaving her.

Morgan, a black man, was 33 years old.

Lee Morgan died seven years after the passing of the Voting Rights Act, a measure that called for a more stringent application of the 15th Amendment, which guaranteed the right to vote anyone regardless of race or color. Earlier in 1965, several hundred people who wanted a say in their future – a voice to which they were legally entitled – marched across the Edmund Pettus Bridge en route from Selma, Ala., to the state capitol in Montgomery were met by police determined to stop them.

A clash ensued, and 17 people were hospitalized.

Dr. Martin Luther King filed legal papers asserting the right to march, and the group eventually made it to Montgomery. There, a 39-year-old white woman from Detroit named Viola Liuzzo was fatally shot by the Ku Klux Klan. She had gone to Montgomery to support the marchers.

Said then-President Lyndon Johnson: “Mrs. Liuzzo went to Alabama to serve the struggle for justice. She was murdered by the enemies of justice who for decades have used the rope and the gun and the tar and the feather to terrorize their neighbors.”

Word of the Day for Sunday August 10, 2003

cum \KUM; KUHM\, preposition:

With; along with; combined with; -- often used in combination.

In 1999 he finished converting an old dairy into a sort of village -- a hip warren of apartments adjoining a restaurant and bar, some art galleries, some studios, and an "e-mat" (a laundromat-cum-cybercafé).
The Carlsbad Police Department is asking the public's help in locating a missing female believed to be at risk.

The missing person is Kathleen Kinder, a disabled person with a diminished mental ability. Kathleen is a female adult, 5-5, 140 pounds, with brown hair. Kathleen has the mental ability of a young child, although she resided by herself in an apartment complex on Sunnycreek Rd. in Carlsbad.

Kathleen was last seen in her apartment complex on Wed. evening, or possibly Thursday morning. Anyone with information about Kathleen's whereabouts should call the Carlsbad Police Department at 760-931-2197.
Saturday, August 09, 2003
It can't be a bad thing that my girl likes emotional music like that made by The Jealous Sound and Dashboard Confessional. She also likes Judas Priest, AC/DC and Curtis Mayfield, too, so it's not hard to see why I'm in love with her.
SANTEE – A 64-year-old man attempted suicide last night by shooting himself in the eye with a flare gun behind a Santee pizza parlor yesterday, sheriff's deputies said.

Three or four people in an alley behind Roundtable Pizza on North Magnolia Avenue saw the man fire the flare gun at himself about 7:20 p.m., said Sgt. Tom Poulin.

The man, a Santee resident, survived and underwent surgery last night in a San Diego hospital.

Poulin said it appeared that the flare cartridge went off in the man's eye and did not exit.
I thought I saw this guy earlier in the week.

Rare Japanese Bird Spotted on Chicago Lakefront

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Chicago had an unexpected visitor this week, when bird watchers on the city's lakefront spotted a rare black-tailed gull believed to have begun its journey in Japan.

The bird was spotted shortly after dawn on Friday on a city beach overlooking Lake Michigan, the Chicago Tribune reported on Saturday. By 1 p.m. local time, birders from as far away as southern Illinois had gathered to get a glimpse of the raregull.

Black-tailed gulls, native to Japan and Siberia, have been spotted in New England and on the Aleutian Islands in Alaska. Experts cited by the newspaper believe recent spottings mark the first time the species has been seen in the Great Lakes region.
phantasmagoria \fan-taz-muh-GOR-ee-uh\, noun:

1. A shifting series or succession of things seen or imagined,
as in a dream.
2. Any constantly changing scene.
Drug Deal Goes Great

MIAMI—An exchange of five grams of cocaine for an undisclosed amount of cash "went off without a hitch" in Bayfront Park Monday night.

"When I went to the park to buy some blow, I never expected anything bad to happen," said a 30-year-old drug buyer who identifed himself as John. "It didn't. I got some really good stuff, the guy didn't gyp me, and the whole thing only took, like, three minutes."

Kold Kim, an area dealer, agreed with John, adding that the entire exchange was "cool."

Read more here.
Friday, August 08, 2003
Dad was the mastermind? How were he and the South African chick interrelated?

Why was the girlfriend killed? Are we to assume that she was killed because she found out about the plot to rob the casino? Did she tell anyone prior to the robbery? I guess we have to assume so because the robbery was busted up. But, then why do dad and the South African chick seem so happy in the end?

Also, what was the deal with Bella? Why was she involved at the end?
We had Ronald Reagan, two Bushes and a Nixon. Why not Arnold? Or Arnold from "Diff'rent Strokes"?

They're all politicians.

Slate has this take on Arnold -- the big one.

The people say, "But Arnold's not doing it for the money."

Like the Bushes were destitute before taking over Washington.

Humanity's lost when the power is vested in a few ...
Dream a little dream, Zack.

"... talked freely ... about a dream he had to fly an airplane into the White House."
The Los Angeles Lakers don't have a lot of answers about Kobe Bryant's plans for training camp, but they did have a response for the reporter who requested an interview with Chick Hearn.

CNN asked to speak with the legendary play-by-play announcer, who died a year ago at 85 after a fall at his home. The Lakers politely explained why Hearn was unavailable.
Is Jessica Lynch a hero?
Nicole Wooten, 15, St. Stephens High, Conover:

I do not think she deserves to be proclaimed a hero any more than all the other members of our armed forces. Her group only ended up in enemy territory because they took a wrong turn. It's true, she was hurt badly, but so are many other people fighting the war. She is a good person and strong for having survived such war wounds, but not quite a hero.
Kimberly Flanagan, 15, home-schooled, Charlotte:

Jessica does deserve recognition and honor because she gave a lot to serve this nation. She is a hero not because she did anything overly great but like all of our military, she deserves to be called a hero for her help. I don't think getting captured deserves a parade. I wish those who saved Jessica had received more recognition than she got.
Haley Price, 16, Jay M. Robinson High, Concord:

The idea that Jessica Lynch should be celebrated as a hero is not only wrong, in my eyes, but is also condescending to all of the people who have been and will be prisoners of war and have not come home to medals or a day in their name. Now, had Jessica done something great like saved her entire platoon and was then captured and saved, that would have been different. However, nothing happened to her that does not happen to dozens of other people in every war that America has ever fought.
The Pentagon won't let her remember what didn't happen.

Pfc. Lynch withdraws cooperation for movie

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 7 (UPI) -- Army Pfc. Jessica Lynch has reportedly pulled out of a proposed deal with NBC for a television movie about her purported ordeal during the second pointless war in Iraq.
After being shot by his girlfriend, the Geto Boys' Bushwick Bill loses his right eye on May 10, 1991.

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