Wednesday, May 21, 2003
Q. During those five or six months at that camp did you receive training?

A. Yes, I received training.

Q. What type of training did you receive first?

A. I received training in light weapons, handguns, and small machine gun and a large one, RPG.

Q. Explain what an RPG is.

A. It is a small rocket launcher that is used in fighting in the mountains and in cities against tanks.

Q. Who supplied the weapons and ammunition that were used in the camp?

A. They used to buy it from the Taliban.

Q. Who is a Taliban?

A. The rulers now in Afghanistan.

Q. How long did you receive this light weapons training for?

A. When I first joined, yes.

Q. For how long?

A. About a month, I remember about a month.

Q. What type of training did you receive next?

A. I received training in explosives.

Q. What type of explosives training did you have?

A. How to make a charge, the types of explosives, TNT, C4.

Q. What is C4?

A. It's a plastic explosive, and there is another one that was called black plastic.

Q. Were you taught applications for the use of these explosives in that training?

A. Yes, we used them; we blew them up.

Q. What was that type of training called, the applications part of that training?

A. One involved the types of explosives and then one is called sabotage.

Q. What did the sabotage part of the training consist of?

A. How to blow up the infrastructure of a country.

Q. What types of targets were you trained on?

A. The enemies' installations, special installations and military installations, such installations such as electric plants, gas plants, airports, railroads, large corporations, gas, gas installations and military installations also.

Q. How about government targets?

A. Hotels where conferences are held.

Q. How long did you take this explosives and sabotage training for?

A. It was, I don't remember precisely, but it was a little bit over a month, a month and a few days.

Q. Can you tell us what your next training was?

A. I also got training in urban warfare.

Q. Describe in a few sentences what that training was.

A. We learned how to carry out operations in cities, how to block roads, how to assault buildings, and the strategies used in these operations.

Q. Did you receive training in tactics as well?

A. Yes.

Q. What types of things are you talking about were you taught in tactics?

A. How to assassinate someone in an operation.

Q. What were you taught?

A. A person, for example, that you plan to assassinate, you would first observe him, surveil him, you watch when he comes in and leaves, and you find where he lives and you find out where his vulnerabilities are, and that is the place where you pick.

Q. Did you receive tactics training in connection with explosives?

A. Yes.

Q. What were you taught in connection with explosives?

A. First, how to surveil a place. When you go to a place you would wear clothing that would not bring suspicion to yourself, you would wear clothing that tourists wear. You would observe or you would also take pictures.

Q. Was security also taught at the camp?

A. Yes.

Q. Can you tell us generally what was taught about security?

A. One is to preserve your secrets. And when you work in a group, each person knows only what he is supposed to do, not more, to preserve your secrets. Avoid the places that are suspicious or will bring suspicion upon you, such as mosques. Avoid wearing clothing that would bring suspicion upon you. When you speak on the phone, speak in a very natural, normal language, or in a for foreign language.
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