Monday, January 27, 2003

Dearest "Joe"

If you keep feeding people the same shit and they keep eating it they deserve to eat more shit. Only because they never asked to see it there might be anything else on the menu. It's those who ask for something better and demand it who deserve to fine dine. I'm of course speaking of feeding ones mind. Is this really what we want or what the media thinks we want to see. Year after year, people complain about the 1/2 time entertainment and year after year we get the same shit for dinner. (with an occasional exception). But we keep watching.... Why? In hopes that someone will put something on the table that really makes us happy to be alive? Something that makes us realize that life isn't about a stupid football game? "one of these day's that plate of shit is gonna be great!! Maybe. I don't know. But what I do know is that I wanted to throw up my dinner last night. You would think that with everything going on in the world we could find something more complelling to put on TV than boobs. flesh and embarrassingly bad outfits. What a wasted opportunity. They, the network, had a chance to speak to millions of people all watching at the same time and we chose not to talk about anything important, meaningful or thought provoking. It was more important to make sure the masses were "entertained" with celebrities and partial nudity. The artists spent more time putting their outfits together than thier message. At least sting was dressed. But didn't anyone consider SOS? Sending out an SOS? Hello, Mcfly? Yeah, we need help alright. That's when the dry heaving started. I was mad at myself for watching. I"m guily too but my husband had $ on the game. At least we won enough to pay for the beer which made the whole experience somewhat tollerable. I hope that the next time any of us have an opportunity to be heard by either 1 or 1 million people, we take the opportunity to share something we feel strongly about. I hope we try to feed our minds with good things and slide our chairs away from the platefuls of shit we are routinely served. Are you really being served anyway? Did anyone even take your order? No, they just asumed you'd eat what you got. And we did. Yesterday's half time show was an example of what the media perceived as what the people wanted. They didn't ask us and we never told them. I am going to write a letter to the program director and I hope that many others do the same. There are so many other artists out there who have written songs of hope and inspiration. Songs that could have made us all feel a little better in a very scarry time. Next year, if I watch, I hope they will take advantage of that opportunity to do something worthwile. I don't expect we can change the world with a Superbowl half time show but I certainly think that we, the viewing public, deserve a litte more credit than that. I hope and pray so anyway!

Thanks Joe for the opportunity. I'd like to send my plate back.
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